The Cutest Stories

Anecdotal Evidence, Interesting Facts and General Mirth

The name of this page may be misleading. This is not quite a repository for our life story (the closest thing I have to that is the timeline. This is more for those little tiny factoids that make the whole thing seem cute.

Right after we eloped, I "announced" to my friends with the short poem. Notice the first letter of every line:

Every moment blooms a
Little more. Every day
Opens wider and wider.
Possibility, crappy poetry,
Entertaining more what one
Does not explicitly see.

One of the most interesting things to know about us is that everything tends to happen backwards. She moved in with me before we started dating. We also had our first kiss before we started dating. We slept in the same bed for a couple of months before we became sexual. I proposed to her before I had an engagement ring.

As of late, most things have seemed to be in a proper order, but since we have talked about adopting, there is a chance she will have a kid before getting pregnant.

Sarah does not like diamonds and is allergic to most metals. This is one of the main reasons why her engagement ring is not gold and has an onyx on it instead of a diamond. She is quiet happy with it, though some possibly would not understand.

The ring she currently wears is actually the second ring. The first one was lost in a lab back when she worked at UAH.

In the timeline, I mention that the proposal was a spur of the moment thing that happened one night in bed. I also note that I had been thinking about it before hand. The actual proposal was meant to happen a couple days later (which would have been our six month anniversary). I was going to take her to the "slab" out at UAH (designed for outdoor performances) and propose. That slab was the first place we had hugged and had a real heart to heart, sometime around April 2003.

Sarah and I often use the word "meh" to mean "kiss". Everyone else normally uses it to mean "dissatisfaction". This probably means that any missive intercepted will seemingly be full of whiny content. "I saw what you made for my lunch. Meh." "Meh. I'm glad you liked it."

We tend to call each other "Puppy". I'm not all that sure what that means. While we have been known to make cute little puppy sounds to mess with the cats and while playing around, it probably started as something a little less curious. I think I started calling her Puppy one day because I asked her to do something and she did it. To which I said "Good, puppy".

One of the most distintive habits we have is the use of the term "Banana Staples" and "Tit-for-Tat". I wrote about both in the old version of DLS (here and here). The basic practise, though, comes from us needing a safe word after I joking tied Sarah up with belts one night. Since this came out of the time when we were just friends, it was intended sexually (and has not been used as such) but as a way of saying "stop the form of picking you are doing!"). Since Sarah would often abuse the phrase, by calling Banana Staples on me right after doing something to me, I had to instate the "Tit-for-Tat" rule. You cannot use a safe word to prevent the exact act you just prevented. You must allow for retalliation.

In at least one case, one of our friends actually said it to some friends of his. They were quite confused.

There is a long running joke between the two of us that we will end up like Daisy and Onslow from the British comedy Keeping Up Appearances. They are slovenly, strangely smart and well read despite their appearance, overweight, poor, and generally relaxed about things. They are not a bad rolemodel (but neither are they a good one). You can read more about that in the old post: Us in Thirty Years.

I regularly jump out and scare her, about once a month or so. There is no real point in it, I'm afraid. I'm not even sure why I do it. But it makes me laugh. and laugh. and laugh. and laugh.

Speaking of scary, Sarah has an immense knowledge of zombie and horror movies. Especially for a girl. Most of which she absorbed off of me. I'm proud of her.

However, she draws the lines at eviscerations and animal killings. Those are two things to which she reacts quite strongly.

That and spiders, which is her phobia.

Sarah is surprising forgiving of many of my "bad habits". She lets me smoke a pipe, get drunk with my friends, make wildly insensitive statements, play videogames, and so on. She even takes a mostly nonchalant stance if I look at porn (which I do not do that much, not anymore). She herself is willing to be a little bit tomboyish on occasion, and has been known to puff away at a cigar, knock back a few beers, and go toe to toe with the insensitve comments. She does not like porn that much, though she likes some hentai. While none of this is a regular afternoon for her, it is just cool to be married to a woman who is fine with being dirty and grungy on occasion. Especially one that lets me be the same.

She has the hots for several "bad boys and punks" from anime. Notably Sasuke for Naruto, Ed from Full-Metal Alchemist, and that white-haired fella from Inuyasha.

She occasionally talks in her sleep. Mostly to cute effect.

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