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Doug Loves Sarah, Week 19 of 52

Us in Thirty Years

There is a show that came out of Britain in the 90s called "Keeping up Appearances". It is one of the hardest shows to convince people that it is funny. It is about an elderly woman, last name Bucket but she says it Bouquet, who spends most every episode pretending to be better than she is not and failing horribly. Almost all of the humor comes from people's over-the-top reactions to her (a neighbor spills coffee in almost every episode because of nervousness, for instance, while postmen try and sneak up on her mailbox) and to her overreactions to her plans failing. Like I said, most people like it when they see it, but seeing it written down it seems a little dull.

In every episode, we see a second household, that is often used as a foil or contrast to the Bucket residence, comprised of a married couple (whom are known by their first names of Onslow and Daisy) and Rose, the youngest sister of Daisy and Hyacinth (the Bucket woman).

For every snobbery that Hyacinth has, Daisy and Onslow have a slobbery. While she franticly worries about how people think about her, the could care less. While her marriage is played out more as a matter of convenience than with any real romantic spark, Daisy and Onslow spend most of the day together and, for better or worse, are still very much in love (though Onslow expresses it mostly by watching TV).

The usual joke amongst Sarah and myself is that we are looking at ourselves in thirty years.

Onslow being molested by Daisy. Daisy describing him as a big strong man when the word big is the main one to apply. Onslow telling Daisy facts which may or may not be true. That sounds like us.

In fact, if not for the squalor and the loud, moderately hussyish younger sister, it would seem a good life.

It says something about a married couple when they see one of the most sedentary married couples in television history, and can't wait for that to be them.

My God, something is wrong with us.

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