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The reason for the website, she is. Sarah is a chemist, and a good one. She graduated from UAHuntsville in 2007 with honors and currently works for ERC doing whatever it is she does, and well. She is a geek who spends several hours a week devoted to her Neopets account (username: kazumitoya), watching anime, getting excited over games like Munchkin and giggling whenver the Mythbusters blow something up.

She was born February 24, 1984. This makes her a Pisces and a Rat and exactly one month younger than the old Apple Macintosh. She was born in Seattle, WA, and occasionally tries sneaking that as her "where she's from" despite remembering just about as much from Washington as your average amnesiac does about his bank account. She gets several traits for her parents, but not as many as most kids. I'll leave that up to you and her whether that's a good thing.

Besides the geeky stuff, she also likes to read various novels (from Good Omens to Contact), watch movies (her last favorite was Sweeney Todd), listen to music (J-pop to Nine Inch Nails to Angelspit), and do various needle-and-thread based crafts. She is almost violently protective of her pets, so don't poke them.

She sports a largish tattoo on her back: angel wings with kanji.

She occasionally smokes a clove cigarette, drinks a cup of coffee in the morning, and likes a beer or two every now and again, but has few vices besides. Even chocolate, which she adores, is only rarely consumed by her.

Her favorite colors are, well, PURPLE and PINK and BLUE (look around at the site). Her favorite animals is the red panda. Her favorite food is probably spaghetti. A good quote to sum her up would be "People suck!"

Her turn ons include witty conversation, back rubs, erotica (visual and written) and good techno music. She also likes to know that she looks good, which she does. Her turn offs are, to quote her, "idiots and fundamentalists". I can tell you one thing, don't bring up anything about "woman not being good at science" for a start.

The only measurement I know of her is her bra size. I think it is a 36D. She has a nice butt, too, but I would get myself in trouble if tried guessing what size it was. She likes to run, so she is getting athletic legs. That's very nice.

Her current goal in life is to work in chemistry, get pay raises, and get more experience while not having a crappy boss (her current boss = "thumbs up", by the way). She does want to have children. She might go back to grad school sometime in the future.

She has a blog, but she doesn't update it so I'm not linking to it. She might have a website soon but not quite yet. If you want to find her online, do a search for toyakazumi or kazumitoya. If you want to contact her about anything, just send me an e-mail (look up and to the right for the link) and I'll pass it along.

The name originates from a joke I made way back when about her being the star of the "Bad Typers Club", which was expanded to be an anime about a group of people who can't type but solve crimes anyhow. Kazumi Toya was the geeky leader. And there you go.


How does the poem go: "Look upon me mighty, and despair"? That's me at the ripe old age of 30 and 3/4 years of age. I'm older than that picture now. Have you ever thought about that? You are always older than your photos? Less alive than you were, then?This is the kind of stuff I talk about 24/7. You just buckle up and come along for the ride.

I majored in a mixture of physics and philosophy (astro and epistemology respectively) and took a lot of computer and history and science and math classes besdies. Figured, what the heck, I'll just chuck that all and aim for a grad school focus on library science. I graduated with honors after entirely too many years of undergrad, but had a couple of research projects in my senior years (yes, plural) so that is ok.

I am a big time reader. This is not quite the place nor the time for me to rant about how great books are. They are great, but look out for the link to my personal site and you can be amazed by my brilliance there. My favorite writers are Philip K Dick, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Charles Dickens, Chuck Palahniuk, Mark Danielewski, Christopher Moore, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Cory Doctorow, Carlton Mellick III, and Neal Stephenson. I also dig Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkein and Frank Herbert.

Other hobbies of mind include watching British sitcoms, generally the products of Channel 4 such as The IT Crowd, Father Ted and Black Books, tooling around with Python, website stuff, playing old console RPGs, writing and playing table-top RPGs, reading about copyright law, surfing Project Gutenberg, support e-books, studying information flow, and a ton of other things that I probably should be getting paid for.

My favorite bands, if I had to make such a claim, would be Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Modest Mouse, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Joe Purdy, Tom Waits, The Pillows and Akeboshi.

I watch a good number of movies. Most of them are horror. Many of them involve zombies. Some are good. A few are funny.

Favorite colors are black, gray and green. I mostly spell it "grey" but screw you, spellcheck. I probably like sweet and sour chicken and burgers more than anything else I could possible eat. I like telling your mom jokes, way too much. My favorite animal is a dragon. Or, well, if I have to stick to real things: dinosaurs.

I have a tattoo of a spiral on my right shoulder. I can crush you with my bare hands. I made one of those up.

My turn ons are breasts, tattoos, nerds, and a good sense of humor. My turn offs are idiots and weird skin splotches. Just so you know, that's one way of saying that my wife is literally the most lust inducing woman I have ever met.

My current goal in life is to get my MLIS and be a librarian. I do want children, just not quite yet. I'm pretty sure that I would be good as a father. I'm just a nervous nilly.

My personal website is and I have a Journal there. If you want to contact me, then shoot me an e-mail at You can find my all over the place as Wyrmis, which comes from wyrm + vermis.

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