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Doug Loves Sarah, Week 3 of 52

Who We Are in Brief

Now, to give you just a hint of background. My name is Doug Bolden, though I am trying to get it stuck in people's head as W. Doug Bolden (the W = William). She is Sarah Lindsey (ne Ridout) Bolden.

I am a bookstore manager, and have been so for a year and a half, a bookseller for approaching 2 and a half years. She is a college student, a senior, in chemistry.

Her main hobby at present is playing Neopets and complaining about school She has also shown a fondness for stitching things and singing along to sad songs. My main hobby is reading. Has been for a while. I occasionally write crappy poetry. I rarely write good poetry. I am really proud of my good poetry.

We both like House of Leaves. My most widely read author would be Charles Dickens. Her most widely read author is going to be Applegate (who wrote Animorphs). I am the literary snob, so that is fitting.

I am an Anglophile. Sne is a Nipponophile.

She was born in Seattle and has spent most of her life along the shore of Lake Guntersville. I was born in lower Alabama and spent a lot of my time near the Sepulga River.

Her eyes are blue. Mine are sometimes blue, and sometimes grey/green.

She likes cute things, I do not so much.

Her favorite beer is Dos Equis. Mine is Guinness Draught.

We both watch Scrubs together. She tolerates me when I watch Britcoms. I tolerate her when she watches Inuyasha or Naruto.

This all tells you very little about who we really are, and a lot at the same time. Come back next time as the "saga" continues.

Get stuffed, Sarah...hehe

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