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Doug Loves Sarah, Week 1 of 52

Holding Hands

In retrospect, we were fools back in July 2003. You were essentially engaged to another. You and I were friends. There was no real romantic spark at that time. We were honest in our intentions to just be friend and have fun together. But there we were, holding hands while walking down Saundralane.

In some ways, this sums up so much of our relationship to me. We held hands while we were friends. We talked a ton and opened up to each other while we were just barely more than classmates. We lived together before we started dating. We kissed before we ever went out. The great big thing was this whole mess of things happening out of place. Getting the horse before the cart, as it were.

I still love holding your hand to this day. At that time, it was a gesture of friendship and solidarity. It was a quick little way to say that I would stand with you. Today, I love holding your hand largely because you love me to hold your hand. I don't mind. It is a nice way of saying that I know you like a little "pda".

For us, hand holding seems to mean one thing: I am proud of you. And I am, so very much.

I love you, Sarah.

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