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Doug Loves Sarah #29, 20 September 2007

The End of This Blog Comes Soon

You know, all I can say is Jesus, but has it been that long. Originally conceived as a sprawling account tracing the history of our marriage and friendship, this blog has really not come together as originally planned. It first was going to be a series of anecdotes and clippings of all sorts, photos and the like.

Now, nearly a year later, I only have half the entries I intended.

I have at least a dozen entries saved up. I'll backlog for a bit, throw in a bit of random nonchalance. I can get 52 posts out of this if I have to divide a few up by paragraphs.

But still, Jesus. Ran out of things to say because life kept getting in the way of things. How's that for fun?

As for the domain name, it will be up in a short little bit. I figure I will renew it and just leave whatever content actually made it over the year up.

And that is that.

24 posts left to go, or something like that.

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